Because Change Is Constant These Days

Our society is continuously evolving, and this poses new challenges for entrepreneurship. Finding purpose, a higher calling within the economic reality, becomes the new criterion for good and bad, right and wrong, the decision to buy or not to buy. It becomes the least common denominator in a pluralistic society. Everyone is affected, and everyone has to find their place within that framework.

Positioning Is a Strategic Communications Task

What does corporate positioning mean in a time where change is the only constant? Positioning is an expression of the connection between usefulness and purpose. Consumers today are not only buying a product, they are buying a change. Positioning therefore goes to the heart of all entrepreneurial activity.

Werter helps its clients find and define their useful role for sustainable transformation.

Our Approach to Working with You

    • 1

      From superficial commitment to a 
truly good cause

      • Mission & Vision
      • Social Listening
    • 2

      Sound narratives
      that stand up
      to any debate

      • Message House
      • Scenario Planning
    • 3

      Quantitative and
 qualitative assessments for long-term success

      • Framework Analysis
      • Data Analytics
    • 4

      Understand the effects of todays and tomorrows’ regulation

      • Policy Modelling
      • Impact Evaluation
    • 5

      Precise business 
results for all 
corporate divisions

      • Workforce Analyses
      • Retro-Planning
    • 6

      Effective communication spaces that stand in line with your planning

      • Stakeholder Engagement
      • Transformation Monitoring

Because Future Prosperity Is Based on New Information

Facts, figures, and data are hard currency when it comes to defining business models in times of change. This is why we never develop narratives and strategies from gut instinct – we rely on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative insights for long-term success. That is how we measure our own success, too.

New Information – Fully Considered and Fully Supported

In the advice they offer, our data scientists combine the highest scientific quality standards with a practical look at the task at hand. In collaboration with the experts at our partner institute, the Institute for Policy Evaluation (IPE), we put economic complexities and system effects on society as a whole at the center of our fact-based strategy consulting – and leave the conventional considerations of the old economy behind.

Evidence instead of Populism

In keeping with the “Regulatory Impact Assessment” method employed by the European Commission, Werter always takes a holistic view of transformation. After all, we firmly believe that evidence beats propaganda. Only those who can present well-founded scenarios will be able to discuss the future of their own business activities with media players and policymakers effectively and on equal terms. At Werter, strategy means understanding what the current situation is, what is coming, and why.

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Our box of methods

  • Subgroup analysis
  • Trend forecast
  • Time-series analysis
  • Pricing models
  • Regulatory cost analysis
  • Market projections and analysis of elasticity of demand

Because Good USPs Alone
Don’t Make the Cut These Days

Omnipresent knowledge is just a click away in this digital world, and far-spreading mobility makes it available with just a tap on a smartphone. If you want to be part of the conversation, you need more than just good USPs – above all you need a highly tactical mindset and solid strategic planning: who are my opinion leaders? Where do they come together? What is the right time to seek out the spotlight – and when should it be avoided?
The dynamics of the internet have long spilled over into the analog business world. Traditional offline stakeholders in media and politics, chief editors or ministers, find themselves facing the same pace and fragmentation.

Synchronizing Interests and Channels

Werter identifies effective communication spaces for our clients and brings their planning in line with these. We use data-based influencer and channel identification methods for this. This way we can guarantee our clients the optimal use of resources and efficient processing of information.

Because Anyone Who Approaches Transformation One-Dimensionally Loses

We build on a team of different perspectives and in-depth insights into various industries and roles – both within and outside of our organization. We bring the right people together to break down complex structures together, drive profound change, and achieve positive long-term results.

Dr. Philipp Mauch

Jörg Waldeck

Clemens Reisbeck

Imagine This…

It’s a crisp winter day, and a man stands at the edge of a forest, armed with a snowball. Without saying a word, he throws the ball into the dense forest and hits a tree. Proudly he turns to his partner and exclaims, “I told you I would hit something!”

Would you trust this man’s promises for the future? Certainly not. We believe that nothing is less credible than a political and business decision-maker who refuses hold himself to measurable targets and instead sidesteps accountability with wishy-washy plans, the success of which can be manipulated later by claiming that the result was always the intended strategic aim. True to the idea that there’s bound to be something in there that works.

For an Institute of Policy Impact Assessments

Werter believes in policymaking with clear commitments. The societal and economic implications of every regulation must be modeled beforehand and then evaluated after the fact against clear KPIs. Like these “regulatory impact assessments,” Werter’s instrument of choice is policy impact assessments.

New Distance, Actively Shaping Transformation

We do not want to just sit on the sidelines of the transformation process, handing out unsolicited advice – instead we want to actively shape change. With the NEW DISTANCE initiative, we are giving this attitude expression. We want to dedicate ourselves here to the big challenges of our time from a new, critical viewpoint. NEW DISTANCE brings decision-makers from politics, business, and science together on neutral ground to develop new solutions together – and measure their success throughout the process.

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